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Troubled with unwanted garter snakes?

Unfortunately I am not likely to be able to help you. I get large numbersof emails from people troubled with garter snakes in their basements and gardens,especially in northern states in spring and autumn when they congregate around hibernationtime. I do not know how to prevent such intrusions, and the only things I can suggestare to make sure any possible entrance points into property are sealed, as snakescan get in through the tiniest of holes, and to make sure that gardens are as openas possible, with little clutter around, as snakes don't like open spaces, and dolike secure hiding places.

Also, it is important to remember that garter snakesare entirely harmless, and pose no threat to pets or young children. Indeed childrenare not naturally afraid of snakes, and need to be 'taught' phobic behaviour by theirparents or grandparents.

Reptiles have been on this planet an awful lot longerthan human beings, and we are visitors in their world, rather than the other wayaround!

In the long term the best solution for both man and snakes is to learnto live together, and an acceptance of this situation, along with seeking treatmentif the phobia of snakes is severe, are strongly recommended.

If your enquiry is not about how to get rid of unwanted garter snakes,then please go ahead..........!

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